Allen’s Trading Company LLC is a supplier of top quality brands and products and has been for many years. We sell a variety of items are are constantly on the look out for more top quality products from reputable brands to offer to the public.

We are based in Knoxville, TN and have a secondary office and retail shopfront in Clinton, TN.

What we are currently involved in:

There is the construction side which includes our own in house stainless steel screw range – Eagle Claw Tools & Fasteners – which is perfect for outdoor use due to it’s solid stainless steel construction. We are also a dealer for Simpson Strong-Tie and supply a selection of their fasteners and tools.

Not only that, but we also supply Plugfones. Plugfones are earplug headphones for use in the workshop, mowing the lawn or any noisy workplace. These allow you to listen to your favorite music while at the same time protecting your ears and come in both wired and wireless versions.

Jamaican coffee is also our specialty and we have stocks of some of the best coffee in the world – Jamaican Blue Mountain and High Mountain Coffee!

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